Making it Easier for Companies to Do More with Less for 30 Years

TMS relieves you of the administrative burden of implementing and managing a SUB-Pay Plan so you don’t have to settle for the status quo. For 30 years we have successfully developed, implemented and administrated SUB-Pay Plans for Fortune 1000 companies. Every program is modeled to our client’s specific needs for their company and their former employees, and is supported by an expert management team, sophisticated technology and unparalleled customer service.

The key to having a successful SUB-Pay Plan is to ensure that the right processes are in place; the plan is communicated effectively, and most importantly, to ensure our client’s former employees are well cared for and receive complete support after their separation. TMS takes care of all these requirements for its clients and their former employees.

Providing Successful Strategies for Managing Layoffs

Total Management Solutions utilizes a structured methodology for guiding our clients in developing and implementing their SUB-Pay Plan, typically within 3-4 weeks, including identifying unique state filing requirements and monitoring state regulations and applicable laws to ensure that the SUB-Pay Plan not only meets the goals and objectives set forth by the client, but is compliant in the states and US territories where the plan must be active.

Supporting You with a Dedicated, Compassionate Team of Professionals

Total Management Solutions provides a dedicated client services team for every client with support services available to the separated employees who have any questions about their transition benefit plan.  This dedicated Total Management Solutions Client Services team is staffed with experienced professionals who know first-hand what separated employees are experiencing during reductions-in-force.  We help ensure that the separated employee population is cared for and treated with the utmost respect, understanding and compassion.

We're proud of our proven track record, providing more of what companies want during reductions in force – effectiveness, efficiency, and empathy; and less of what they don't – hassles, costs, and risks.

The TMS Team: Experts in Severance and SUB-Pay

John Lihzis

John is the CEO of Total Management Solutions and an early pioneer of Supplemental Unemployment Benefit ("SUB-Pay") plans.  He has over 30 years of experience helping Fortune 1000 companies manage and administer their severance programs.  In 1985, he founded TMS, specializing in the design, implementation and administration of SUB-Pay plans to help companies reduce the high cost, stress and burden associated with implementing staff severance programs, resulting from a merger, acquisition, business realignment or economic downturn.  John served as the company president for over two decades before transitioning to CEO.

Prior to TMS, John spent many years as an executive in the insurance industry and later in the outsourced human resources and staffing services fields.

Bryan Lihzis

Bryan is the President of Total Management Solutions. He has been with TMS since 2002, most recently as Senior Vice President, where he was responsible for driving operations, sales, marketing and client services, as well as all aspect of the company's SUB-Pay programs. During his tenure, Bryan developed the customer care center into a comprehensive resource that assists SUB-Pay plan clients and their separated employees with questions and concerns regarding their severance benefits.  Bryan also oversees TMS' state regulatory and compliance activities as they relate to SUB-Pay plan implementation and administration.

Prior to joining TMS, Bryan was a recruiter for The Alpha Group, one of the largest independently owned staffing companies in Southeastern Massachusetts.  Bryan is also a member of the UWC - Strategic Services on Unemployment & Workers' Compensation.

Shane Woodruff

As the Chief Information Officer at Total Management Solutions, Shane leads the company's information technology initiatives. He is responsible for the planning, customization and implementation of enterprise IT systems to ensure effective, efficient and secure business operations. Since joining TMS in 1999, Shane has spearheaded the development of multiple generations of highly customized automated voice and data processing systems that support the specific requirements of SUB-Pay plan administration. Under his vision and leadership, TMS has maintained industry best practices in data storage, access, and security.

Prior to joining TMS, Shane was an independent IT consultant representing diverse companies looking to integrate IT strategies to optimize their business operations.

Clients - Industries and Clients We Serve

We establish and administrate SUB-Pay Plans in a wide range of environments from Corporate America to industrial and service corporations, including:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Auto Parts Manufacturing
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Chemicals & Electronics
  • Commercial Printing
  • Consumer Products Manufacturing
  • Food Production & Foodservice Supply
  • Hand Tools, Power Tools, Lawn & Garden Equipment
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Metals, Mining, Chemicals, Aerospace & Defense
  • Paints, Coating & Other Finishing Product Manufacturing
  • Photographic & Optical Equipment/Supplies Manufacturing
  • Security
  • Textile & Floor Covering Manufacturing
  • Weaponry & Related Product Manufacturing
  • And others...