Executive Insights

A Win-Win Proposition

Employee reductions are a necessary strategy to advance in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Severance benefit costs have a significant negative impact on profits and cash flow.

What if you could reduce total severance cost by net 30% (on average) while spreading out cash flow, outsourcing 95% of the HR administrative burden, improving employee support, and increasing employee severance benefits by 7.65%? Our Severance Value Maximizerâ„¢ Service does just that.

Commonly Adopted Strategy

This severance enhancement program is not new and is not a risky strategy, just underutilized by many large companies. It also is an enhancement to your existing severance benefits and not a replacement of your current severance benefits plan.

Many Fortune 500 companies have adopted this strategy, which is recognized by the IRS and all 50 States. This savings strategy is a very narrow niche of severance management and many top professionals are either unfamiliar with the concept or it is not fully understood. We have been offering this service to large companies for over 30 years. Learn more about How It Works.

Our Offer for Greater Insight

With a brief phone conversation or meeting, we will explain the specifics of how the program works. Upon conclusion of that call, we will provide you with a Savings Impact Estimate. This report will include a side-by-side value comparison of your current severance program with our enhanced severance program.