Severance Value Maximizer


Easy & nearly hands-free

Complete Turnkey Administration

Provide us your displaced employee information and we take care of the rest! It's easy and nearly hands-free.

Our turnkey administrative service eliminates nearly 95% of the burden HR will face dealing with displaced employee issues, allowing them to focus on current employees and future business initiatives.

Our robust technology platform includes a resource-rich custom portal for displaced employees to connect and includes realtime access for HR.

A Strong Employee Advocate

TMS is a dedicated, compassionate employee advocate.

Our client call center provides a 1-800 TMS "live support line" for managing a wide range of severance-related issues, including unemployment claim assistance. We are equipped to manage most all of the issues a displaced employee will face.

Your employees will have a better transition experience.

Key Considerations

  • A seamless transition of participants to TMS ensures a better experience for displaced employees
  • Employees receive an introduction packet from TMS with portal access and clear instructions for next steps
  • TMS will track displaced employee eligibility status to ensure employers are not overpaying benefits
  • HR Departments may not be resourced or equipped to handle external severance-related issues.
  • TMS has significant experience with unemployment claims and relationships with all state offices.
  • We provide dedicated resources to your HR team.
  • All file formats are acceptable for severed employee information
  • All information is protected and exchanged securely
  • Robust technology platform has highly adaptable workflow that can integrate seamlessly with your existing process and systems
  • Payroll function can be completely outsourced to TMS
  • Calculations and/or pay detail can be passed back to your payroll department for processing
  • Compliance and audit requests can be provided upon request