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Address Layoff Concerns Proactively

Staying Out of Crisis Mode During Reductions-in-Force

In today’s connected world public opinion changes on a dime — or more accurately with every trending hashtag and blog post. And once the digital media starts a narrative, that narrative stays with a company’s brand with every Google search. Having a quality crisis management message is no longer enough. Social media allows every current and former employee to be a potential source of public information broadcast to the world. And rightly or wrongly, the online opinion defines public and investment opinion on your business and brand.

A Proactive Approach that Protects Your Business Reputation

Taking control of how people view your business during periods of business change require a thoughtful, well-planned approach. Too many companies descend into crisis mode when faced with the realities of large reductions-in-force. Rarely does the process go smoothly and predictably. That’s why it’s good to have a team of experts on your side focused on designing and planning a process based on decades of experience and thousands of layoffs. Don’t leave your business reputation to chance — let us help you define and administrate a proven, proactive severance strategy.

Have you also thought about?

  • What experiences will former employees share with current ones?
  • How can you keep everyone focused and motivated?
  • Do you know where your former employees go?
  • How will competitors and current customers view your reduction in force?
  • Will social media undermine investor communication efforts?
  • How can being what’s right for the business be what’s right for transitioned employees?

Key Facts to Consider When Planning for Layoffs

  • Defining and planning a process and strategy before layoffs are needed is the only way to minimize potential negative impacts to your business and brand
  • Leading companies trust TMS with their business reputation during reductions-in-force
  • Most companies don’t have equitable severance programs in all 50 states