Keep People Working



Take Care of Your Exiting Employees

Good jobs can be scarce, and many employees don’t know where to turn when they’ve been laid off. As an HR professional, you want to see these loyal employees get back to work quickly. With the help of a Supplemental Unemployment Benefit ("SUB-Pay") Plan, separation benefits are no longer considered an entitlement benefits, but as transition benefits so your former employees may can move seamlessly into a new job.

Layoffs are Stressful Enough. Why Do All the Work Yourself?

If you think you don’t have the time or resources to change the way you manage layoffs, think again. TMS can remove the administrative burden so you can be an HR champion. We know that you and your team are experts in supporting hiring, performance management, and training and development of employees. What you probably don’t do a lot is handle the process of mass layoffs and reductions in force. During these transition periods, it’s great to have a partner with proven experience to help guide, simplify, and administer the process.

That’s where TMS comes in:

  • Saving Time and Simplifying Administration
  • Allowing Your Former Employees to Receive More Benefits, Longer
  • Providing Compassionate Care for Your Former Employees While Transitioning to New Employment